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Group of six kayakers floating together on a stream, all facing the photographer

The Lancaster Canoe Club, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, began in the 1970 -- before the kayak gained the popularity it has today. Currently, although there are still a few who paddle canoes, the majority of the members paddle kayaks; from recreational to touring to whitewater.

The club holds regular meetings and has many trip scheduled throughout the year. Trips are organized suiting varying skill levels for both the touring and moving water paddlers. We are a group that enjoys the outdoors, nature, and being with other like minded people. And, always our first priority is safety. If you think you may be interested in what we do, please contact us or stop in and join us at a meeting to learn more.

You are welcome to join us at the meeting to learn more about the club, and upcoming canoeing and kayaking outings planned.

Check us out on Facebook at Lancaster Kayak and Canoe Club to see some pictures and comments about recent paddling trips the club has coordinated.

We have a Brochure [PDF] available that also includes a printable membership application.

Reminder: You must be a member to paddle with the club. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings to find out more about the club and participate in programs.

We are an ACA Paddle America Club. (Follow that link to find out about all the benefits LCC members get from the ACA because the club is an ACA PAC.) Events in the schedule marked "ACA" require either LCC and ACA membership or LCC membership and a $5 per event fee with a signed waiver to be collected by the trip coordinator before participating in the paddle. Contact us for LCC/ACA membership information.

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