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Group of 3 flatwater kayakers on a quiet stream

The LCC offers both flatwater and moving water paddling trips. We hope you'll take the opportunity to join us! Some of the streams we paddle are the Susquehanna River, Octararo Creek, Muddy Creek, Brandywine River, Lehigh River, and Conestoga Creek.

In order to participate in trips, you'll need to complete the LCC Trip Signup Form [PDF]. Please give trip leaders 48 hours notice that you're coming/not coming so that they can plan appropriately. Also note that the minimum number of boats for a trip is 3.

Trip coordinators: you may want to tell everyone how it went via the LCC Trip Report Form [PDF].

This is a preliminary trip schedule for 2021; more trips will likely be added to it. Each trip lists the trip coordinator.

January February March April May June July August September October November December

2021 Lehigh River release schedule as of 1/5/2021

2021 North Branch of the Potomac release schedule as of 3/4/2021

Group selfie of 15 whitewater kayakers

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